Wednesday, August 8, 2012

           Who knew that going away for only a few days could bring so much drama. I am glad that Mr. Darcy is very active in Elizabeth's life, I just wish that they had more alone time, so that he may again propose to her. Lizzy was right when she told her father that she was afraid of Lydia leaving town. I love the way that Jane Austen all of a sudden brings excitement to the book. If I weren't so busy the book would have been done because it is getting hard to put down. Lydia and Wickham run off to Scotland and are found. They get  married which is a result of Darcy's generosity, and then Jane and Bingley are engaged. Finally Elizabeth and Darcy are engaged. I am so happy that everything turned out good for Jane and Elizabeth. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

          I am so glad that even after all of the cruel things Lizzy said about Darcy he still loves her. He gives her a letter explaining everything and after she reads it Elizabeth is having major second thoughts. She realizes she completely misjudged both Wickham and Darcy. She doesn't get another chance to see him before she goes back home. When she gets home she only sees Wickham once before they leave the county and her younger sister Lydia goes with them. Elizabeth then leaves with her aunt and goes to Derbyshire, the county where Darcy lives. She visits Pemberley, where Darcy lives, and is taken by its beauty.

This is a picture of Pemberley Estate

Sunday, August 5, 2012

          Elizabeth goes to visit Charlotte in her new home shortly after they are married. She meets Lady Catherine de Bourgh whom despite Mr. Collins description doesn't impress Lizzy. Much to Elizabeth's surprise Mr. Darcy appears with his cousin and comes to visit her many times throughout her stay with the Collins's. Charlotte, as well as myself, is convinced that Mr. Darcy is in love with Elizabeth but she refuses to believe it. However he soon proposes to her but she turns him down with harsh words. I so wish that Lizzy would have said yes; it is obvious that they were meant for each other. I think that is a good video and the song really goes with Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship. I can't wait to finish this book and see what happens next.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

          When Jane received the letter from Miss Bingley I was shocked. I don't believe anything that was said about Mr. Bingley being indifferent about Jane. I realize that Miss Bingley will do anything she can to get what she wants and I have to agree with Elizabeth and her opinions on what happened. I honestly do not know how Jane stays so level headed all the time. It is obvious to everyone except for Jane that Miss Bingley is just trying to convince her brother as much as she is trying to convince Jane that he is indifferent because she wants him to marry Miss Darcy. I am definitely starting to get into the story and it is not nearly as hard to get through as I originally though it would be. I'm glad that Mr. Collins and Charlotte Lucas are happily married. This is a great romance but it has so much more to it than just a typical love story.

Friday, August 3, 2012

          How can there be such different accounts of the personality of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham? I hardly know what to believe because of the contrast. According to Mr. Darcy and his friends, Darcy has been more then generous to Wickham but according to Wickham Darcy broke promises and would have disappointed his father. I don't know what to think of these characters. Obviously someone is lying though it is clear that at the time people are siding with Wickham. Meanwhile, I can't believe Mr. Collins is interested in Lizzy. I cannot say that I like him very much at all and I am so glad that Elizabeth declined his marriage offer. Right after he was turned down by Lizzy, Mr. Collins proposed to her friend Charlotte. I don't have a high opinion of him and believe him to be a hypocrite.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

          It seems that, though Mr. Darcy expressed no interest in Elizabeth at the ball, he is now trying to find out more about her. Jane and Mr. Bingley very much enjoy each others company and Jane and Elizabeth spend quite a bit of time at Mr. Bingley's home at Netherfield. When Jane gets sick she and Elizabeth are invited to stay until Jane feels better. Soon Mr. Collins and Mr. Wickham are introduced in the story. I think that Mr. Collins is stuck up and that Mr. Wickham seems very agreeable. All three of these men express interest in Lizzy which I believe will definitely cause problems in the future.
          "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife." The first sentence of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen made me wonder what exactly this book was going to be about so I jumped right in. After reading just the first couple pages I already can see how different Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are. It would seem that all Mrs. Bennet cares about is money while Mr. Bennet seems to genuinly care for his five daughters Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine .and Lydia. Mrs. Bennet announces that Mr. Bingley, a man of large fortune from north of England, is moving into Netherfield, an estate in the town where the Bennet's live. She wishes to marry one of her children, not for their happiness but for money, so she asks her husband to get aquainted with him. It is obvious that Mr. Bennet loves all of his daughters but favors Lizzy and is hoping that Mr. Bingley will like her best.

           Despite Mr. Bennet's wishes, at the ball it is clear that Mr. Bingley favors Jane and Jane likes him as well. I don't know what to make of his companion Mr. Darcy though, he seems stuck up and extremely prideful. Mr. Bingley seems like such a nice person that it is hard to believe that Mr. Darcy could really be such a snob since they are such good friends. I think that something will end up happening between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy though I don't know whether it will be positive or negative. So far the thirteen year old in me is having trouble getting into the book because the language makes it hard to understand so I googled it and found this video that helped me understand the book better.